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Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Nov 30, 2018 745 views

Have you ever attended college, if so which one?

Basically answer if you have at anytime attended any college and just mention the name of the facility of the school . #college #student #college-bound

safina’s Avatar
safina May 17, 2016 1059 views

How do I improve in math?

Math is very difficult for me. What are some ways I can improve? #teacher #education #mathematics #math #higher-education

Arshad’s Avatar
Arshad May 14, 2016 1410 views

Do you update your resume over time? If yes how often do you do?

Updating you resume would mean adding additional achievements or swapping with better achievements you have made throughout your college years. From what I know only few people update their resumes often. #college #career #resume

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Dec 12, 2019 705 views

How should I figure out what i'm going to do with my life?

#future #college #school #undecided #college-advice

David’s Avatar
David Sep 06, 2019 570 views

How do you balance your business with everything else?

I am a senior student at Brennan High school. I’m looking to get my MBA so that I can learn more about business. I want to own and run my own businesses. I want to be my own boss and have freedom. #business #entrepreneur #finance #business-management

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Nov 15, 2019 388 views

should i work at home

#social-work #work

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Aug 08, 2017 2351 views

Is it time for me to get a part time job?

My name is Briana and I'll be starting my second year at my community college this upcoming fall semester. I'll be taking thirteen units and my parents have been recently pushing me to apply for a job with nods to "we're hiring" signs. I understand with my age I should be working, but I'm not...