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What physical requirements are needed for the cement masonry field?

I'm currently a Job Corps student in Washington state. I've been looking into the different trades to figure out what field I'd like to get into. So far my interests have been cement masonry, and forestry. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in cement. I have a few questions I'm hoping to get some answers to.

1. What does a typical day look like in this job?
2. What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter into this field?
3. What physical requirements are needed for this field?

Thank you in advance for your time.
- Shayla
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2 answers

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Hi Shayla,
The field inside the building that catches your attention is very interesting. Answering your questions:
1- A typical day is very demanding, because you must be constantly checking measurements, quality of materials, preparation of cement mix, etc.
2- To enter this field you must have good command in reading plans, basic math calculations, knowledge in construction procedures, knowledge of materials and their quality.
3- Physically you must feel energetic, drink plenty of water and be able to withstand continuous hours of standing and something very important you must have security and ethics to attend to the working person
I hope my advice helps you.
good luck.

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Kate’s Answer

While I am not a mason, my little brother had this training and worked in the field for several years. I agree with Joan's response and I would add if you are interested in this field, I would also explore leadership as you can learn the trade and then be promoted to supervise and run projects. This would reduce the physical nature of the work over time.