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Is it worth it to go to vet school?

I'm worried that I'm going to be paying for my college until I die. #college #veterinary-medicine

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2 answers

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Miguel’s Answer

No dot allow such worry to "WORRY" you, excuse the pun.
If you're passionate about becoming a veterinarian, there will be ways of paying back your school debt.
School debts have not stopped people from following their dreams/wishes.

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Nirah’s Answer

You are right to be worried. You can find plenty of resources about this on the web, but here is one from the veterinary student association. The average vet student leaves with $150,000 in student debt- and some have much higher debt. They go on to take a job that pays an average of 70K, and while you can make much more, not everyone does. I'm not saying it is not manageable- hundreds of new vets graduate every year. it's tough, though. You have to be careful, and disciplined. You might also want to consider going to a less costly school. Every vet school offers an excellent education, so don't hold out for your dream school if it means you will come out with 300K in debt instead of 100K.