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Nirah Shomer, DVM PhD DACLAM

Senior leader in laboratory animal science, animal welfare, and regulatory compliance
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Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine May 21 80 views

What school is easier?

How hard is radiology school compared to Veterinary school?

irelyn’s Avatar
irelyn May 01 154 views

help i want to be someone that works with animals, what should I be?

i want to be someone that works with animals, what should I be?

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Apr 30 530 views

What should I study to be a good vet tech?

I really want to be a vet tech and I wanna start studying now

Malia’s Avatar
Malia Apr 29 207 views

How much schooling does it take to get your DVM license and become a vet. Also, is it more practical to join a veterinary practice when coming out of school or starting your own #Spring24?

Hi, I am a junior is high school and I am looking to becoming a veterinarian. Currently, I am considering the length of education it will take, and the cost of education and if that is feasible for me. Along with the second part of the question, would you be able to give an estimate on the cost...

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Mar 21 551 views

How do I become a Veterinary Radiologist!

Hello I am 15 years old in the 10th grade, I am trying to be a veterinary Radiologist when I get out of HS. Alot of people are telling me to go to community college first because It is cheaper and THENNN go to college but Im very confused. I would like to go to community college first then go...

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 19 446 views

What are your best suggestions for looking for a vet school? Any application tips?

This question was asked anonymously by a junior in high school

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 19 707 views

How easy is it to get hired as a veterinarian?

This question was asked anonymously by a junior in high school

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jan 05 531 views

What is an animal pathologist and how do you become one?

I am exploring my options, thinking about being a vet or something that relates.

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jan 05 610 views

What are some careers that are animal related that pays well in California?

I am interested in pursuing an animal related career, curious about the scope of careers available within this animal career pathway and want to learn more about the unique aspects that come with those careers.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Dec 29, 2023 1514 views

Failed vet tech, whats next?

When starting college, I decided to do into the veterinary technology route. However, after failing both anatomy and physiology, I'v decided it would e best for me to change majors. Ive wanted to be a vet tech my whole life so now I feel completely stumped as to what to do next. I am...

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Dec 21, 2023 577 views


What college classes should I take if I wanted to be a Veterinarian? Are there any requirements to be able to go to Vet school? How should I know what classes I need to take?

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Dec 14, 2023 971 views

What classes should I take in my freshman year of college if I want to be a veterinarian ?

I am a junior in highschool and don't really know what my career path is yet. I love animals a lot so and I am good at science so any job in those fields work.

CAdore’s Avatar
CAdore Oct 26, 2023 336 views

I need internships for being a vet, Any tips?

I need tips

Gio’s Avatar
Gio Nov 27, 2023 714 views

how would it be possible to start an animal sanctuary for exotic animals?

have been very curious about this...

Santana’s Avatar
Santana Oct 04, 2023 731 views

How much money do u make as a vet?

How much hours do u make as a vet?