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what are some of the different branches of medical science?

I'm not sure what realm of medical science I am interested in and would love to ehar more. #doctor #medical-practice #hospital-and-health-care #education #doctor

Hello Nethra, I'm happy that you are pursuing a career in the medical field. There are many branches in medical science such as Allergology, Gastroenterology , Transfusion medicine these are some of the specialties that are generally done in a clinical laboratory. However, there are interdisciplinary fields as well including Aviation medicine, Conservation medicine, Medical informatics etc. I agree with Franchesca Estrada your best bet is to do a internet search for more specialties. Devetra C.

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2 answers

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Jyoti’s Answer

Do you have to select your specialization in the first year of study? If not then you have some time to decide what you to focus on. the list is long starting from general physician, Anesthetist, Gynecology, Cardiology, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, you can do you specialization in Child Cardiologist.
But the focus should be on what you want to do!!
All the Best!

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Franchesca’s Answer

Hello Nethra! First, I am ecstatic you are interested in science and more specifically, medical science! Depending on what system you practice in, there are a range of opportunities. Medicine is a large field with not only different specialties (or areas) of practice, but also different levels of practice (ie, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants). I would start with an internet search to learn more! Hope this helps.