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how long wolud it tak to become a good singer

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4 answers

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jrv’s Answer

In this days to be good singer takes time and not years some people thing they are good but they are really old school. Music evolve and you need tenicque and a style of music the fits on your performance.
Music have different genres. The best way to become good on the music field is by learn music chords and scales and also practice your best tune.

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Moses’s Answer

Numbers of years are just numbers. Our personal intrest and practice makes anybody as a good singer. The second factor is the skill which u have. Because the rew skill will also decide our growth.

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Kim’s Answer

well, I've been trying for 50 years, and am not making much progress!

There are too many variables to answer this question. I am assuming you are already a singer. But, how much coaching are you getting, and, how receptive are you to the feedback you receive? How often do you practice? Do you perform publicly, perhaps in church, or in talent shows? This is why contestants are so happy to make it onto the TV reality singing show. The coaches spend a lot of time working with them, giving them in a few short weeks lessons it might have otherwise taken years to learn.

Also, what do you mean by "good?" I have heard some really great singers, who, are not known as singers - it is just a hobby to them. How will you know when you are "good"? Don't be too hard on yourself. Work on learning breathing techniques, and being able to go up and down in range. Work on singing from the heart. Sing with feeling. Enter competitions. Join choir. Do whatever you can to challenge yourself to sing more and more complex material. Above all, find someone knowledgeable about singing who will give you honest feedback!

I'm not a singer, but, I hope this helps!

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi Cheyenne,

Musicality, in many respects, is a gift. Not to say that a person cannot improve with hard work.

I was a "wanna be" singer before I went into my professional career as a nurse. I took lessons, practiced, sang in choirs, and had a few solo parts. I loved it! Music is a wonderful emotional outlet. Music always says so much more than words ever can.

The voice, I believe, is one of the most difficult instruments to master as one must deal with many psychological and physical issues. There are some types of singing that require much less training and technique. Other musical singing forms require a lifetime of work, such as opera.

So I am guessing you want to learn how to improve your voice. I agree with Kim's answer above. Get a voice teacher or a good reference book. Learn the art of breath control and diaphragmatic support. Learn to read music. Learn about musical phrasing (where to take a breath to allow the melody to flow properly). Learn basic vocal exercises and perform them GENTLY in order not to strain the voice. Learn to feel where the sound emanates from your body. With practice you can learn to "place" your voice in different areas of your body as well as where to place your voice in a room. Basic rule: don't strain or overuse the voice. You can stress the vocal cords and damage them permanently. Just ask Julie Andrews.

There are some individuals who are given, by nature, amazing vocal instruments. And, even these people must practice to perfect their voice and their art.

I hope you find this answer helpful.