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what do i need to choose for IGCSE if i wanted to be a decor designer?

so next year i need to study IGCSE but i don't know which subjects to choose...

so please i need someone to help me choose..


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2 answers

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Kirti’s Answer

Hi Shaikha,

Umm, everybody is going to recommend based on their preferences and choices. However, in my honest opinion you should be choosing based on your interest and affinity of subjects. One very important thing to pay attention to is also the fact that you should choose subjects that tie in with your career goals so that the transition from studies to corporate is smoother for you.

Hope this helps. :)

Kirti :)

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Tamara’s Answer

You can always Google and do your research to see what do you need that way you can make the best decision for yourself.

Tamara recommends the following next steps:

Be open-minded
Don't be afraid to try different options