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aeronautical career question How to become a good pilot?

What are the qualification of a good pilot? #college #teaching #student-counseling #3d-studio-max

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3 answers

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Matt’s Answer

There are a few colleges that offer Bachelor of Science Degrees for Aviation. There are also many private flight schools that will train you from beginner through flight instructor ratings. The military is another option. Most pilots get their initial commercial ratings through the school of their choice and then build their hours up by becoming a flight instructor, cargo, air taxi or bush flying. Once you gain experience you can then reach out to the airlines.

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David’s Answer

Being detail oriented and thorough. You need a good work ethic and study habits to pass the licensing tests and examinations. You have to be a self-starter and willing to travel and be away from home. You also have to be punctual. Often you must report for work early in the morning and can lose your job if you are late. Good time management is a must.

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Ken’s Answer

Congratulations on being interested in becoming a pilot.

Here are some sites that might help answer that question:




I hope this helps!

Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.