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What's the financial situation like in college?

Do you recommend getting a job, and is it hard to manage work with school? I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm starting to think about college and what it is going to be like. I've heard that in college, #college #teaching #teacher #colleges #studies #3d-studio-max

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5 answers

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Gothami’s Answer

Working while you are attending college is not impossible, but it takes a lot of organization and time management. There are a lot of on-campus job opportunities that allow you to study as you earn money (example, computer lab, recruiting offices, etc.). It depends on you and how well you are able to prioritize your work. I did a couple of jobs while I was in school and I was able to be flexible with my schedule because of the relationships I had built with my various employers. When I had finals or a big project due, I was sure to tell them that I would be unavailable. Its do-able, but only if it will not deter you from doing your best with regard to school work.

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Hanleigh’s Answer

There are different opportunities to get funding. If you qualify, there is federal aid that can help with tuition. There are also scholarships that are both institutional and outside scholarships that be of assistance to you. I would recommend getting an on-campus position. If you qualify, you can get a federal work-study position, or you can get a non-federal work-study position. Either opportunity would be a good way to make enough money for groceries, gas, and other shopping. If you are not able to get a job, most students are fine with their meal plans and public transportation. I personally liked having a job, so I did not have to ask my parents for money, and I was able to manage it on my own. I worked at our campus career center, so I also made a lot of good connections with students utilizing the services and with the staff within the office too.

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Simeon’s Answer

It's not too hard to manage your own school calendar and work at the same time if you are thoughtful about which courses you take in college and at what times during the week. Do what you can to group your classes together in blocks and take courses that occur fewer times per week. The combination of these will reduce the amount of time you will need to spend commuting to and from classes. Also, see if there are jobs that are offered on the campus of the university as these will be easy to travel to as well and often come with additional benefits. Lastly, try to save some of your easy classes from early on for your final semesters. You'll want to balance out your upperclassman work with classes that are a bit easier.

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Ken’s Answer


You are asking some very important questions!

Here is some information about balancing college life:

Here is some information about controlling college costs:

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Lindsay’s Answer

I'd say working from college is an excellent idea, as long as you establish your priorities and are able to manage both work and school without putting too much stress on yourself. I'd suggest getting into your school routine first, and then finding a job that you can do around your school schedule. For example, I worked at a small pizza shop within walking distance from my school that gave me flexibility and even let me bring my books and study when business was slow. Many times, you can get an on-campus job that can help with school finances as well.

Also, if you can find work (ie: a paid internship) in the field that you are interested in/ are studying, that can provide great hands-on, real-world experience that potential employers will really appreciate once you're out of college and looking at careers.