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how to become a good police officer?

i like good officers so asked this qution police

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2 answers

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Jim’s Answer

It’s tough to be a cop anywhere in the world today,” Jim allows. “When was the last movie you saw where a police officer was a squared-away individual and not a human wreck? Disrespect for law enforcement seems to be part of a general societal degradation.

“These days, you may not get motivating pats on the back from extrinsic sources. You have to be driven by a steel-plated, intrinsic positive attitude that’s your durable epicenter of professionalism, regardless of the reactions of others.

“There’s a saying that you should ‘shine your shoes for yourself, not for anyone else.’ That’s the attitude of the true professional, and it’s manifest in the way your uniform and leather look, in the way you take care of yourself so you can do a better job, and in the way you go out every day looking for crime and offenders instead of being a ‘spectator cop’ who sits back and watches others be the ‘real police’ getting things done.

“Policing is not a game. You have to be mentally and physically prepared each day for whatever may come down the road. Focus on what you can control (your attitude and behavior) rather than what you can’t control (society’s perceptions). The aura you create will radiate out from you.”

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Pradeep’s Answer


1.Go to the gym. If you're a smoker, give it up. ...
2.Be fit. Maintain a healthy weight.
3.Realize your job may involve physical danger to yourself. ...
4.Be caring. ...
5.Remember your most important tool is your mouth, not handcuffs, cs, etc. ...
6.Realize how much society needs you: without the police, there could be some problems.

Study Well. Apply for the job whenever openings come. all the best