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Jim Dawson

Technical Support Engineer, Dell
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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irfan May 21, 2016 1137 views

Why should I study?

I am not interested. #educator

Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya Jun 21, 2016 8197 views

What is average salary of air hostess?

I am very interested in knowing more about this occupation. Thank you! #financial-planning

a’s Avatar
a May 18, 2016 1189 views

how can i improve my hand writting

i want to improve my hand writing #handwriting

k’s Avatar
k May 18, 2016 2062 views

who can i improve my hand writing in telugu subject

to improve my hand writing in telugu subject

nicolas’s Avatar
nicolas May 04, 2016 941 views

i want to become a indian cricketer?what i want to do?please guide my question

hi! i am nicolas i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #professional

m’s Avatar
m May 23, 2016 938 views

what course can i do after my 10th exams

i have intrest in science #science

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Vera Oct 20, 2016 1406 views

Which jobs can I apply for as a teenager?

Which jobs are most interesting? How old do you have to be to volunteer? #career #psychology #college-major #technology #internships #job-search #volunteering #clinical-psychology

charu’s Avatar
charu May 19, 2016 1071 views

I am charu of class 12th.tell me how can i become a software engineer

because i am studying in maths with computer science in my higher secondary #engineer

munsif’s Avatar
munsif May 26, 2016 1359 views

how can i become an civil engineer, what process can i follow

because its my ambition #international-expertise

dinesh’s Avatar
dinesh May 26, 2016 1053 views

i want to become a software engineer, what will be process for it?

i have completed my 2nd puc , because it is my dream #engineer #software

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Purushotham May 04, 2016 1239 views

how to become a good police officer?

i like good officers so asked this qution #police

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 2424 views

Why should I study marketing?

I don't understand what that word means. I want to do fashion and my teacher told me about marketing.

Sherlyn’s Avatar
Sherlyn Jun 24, 2016 120215 views

What is the difference between Blogging and Vlogging. Can we earn money through this?

Want to know about Blogging and Vlogging