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what course can i do after my 10th exams

i have intrest in science science

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3 answers

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sumeet’s Answer

At present, there are n numbers of career opportunities available after 10th standard. It is not the days where you have to choose some particular subject and get excelled in it. However, now-a-days there are options where you can select a particular field and flourish in it. So, just find out your interest and the career where you can reach heights.
At this point of time i would urge you to start searching for an area that interests you and work on increasing your knowledge in that
Best of luck :)

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Jim’s Answer


As you are interested in Science I would personally suggested to take Science in your PUC for (PCM).
Reason : Job opportunities is more if you are going for any job after PUC with (PCM) where as other stream it is very less.
If you wanted to take any other Subject after 10+2 you can choose that particular stream which will be easier.
Active Services for Indian Army, Air force & BSF etc. for both technical & non technical with office staff after 10+2 is available incase if you wanted a central govt.

In short opportunities with PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Math) after 10+2 is more than any other streams and moreover you are interested in Science so go for it.

All The Best.

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naveen’s Answer

There are couple of options once you complete 10th and if you want to take up science.
1.ITI course(2yrs)
2.Diploma (3yrs)
3.PUC (2yrs) PCMC, PCME, PCMB or another PCM combination.