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naveen kumar

Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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m’s Avatar
m May 23, 2016 936 views

what course can i do after my 10th exams

i have intrest in science #science

Nora’s Avatar
Nora May 17, 2016 1058 views

How to become an engineer?

Because I want to know what it's like to be an engineer. #engineer

Sangeetha’s Avatar
Sangeetha May 02, 2016 1250 views

my aim is to become a doctor ?please guide my question

Hi, i am sangeetha. I am studying in 10 aim is doctor. #doctor #teaching #teacher #professor

abhishek’s Avatar
abhishek May 03, 2016 2416 views

How can I become a IAS police officer?

im in interest in public service.i want to control corruption. #ias #educated

vinay’s Avatar
vinay May 10, 2016 743 views

I want to become police

i want to become police i want answer from commissioner

ahilandeswari’s Avatar
ahilandeswari Jun 01, 2016 914 views

how to become a good doctor?

i like to be a doctor.... #doctor #commerce #3d-modeling

Jeevika’s Avatar
Jeevika Apr 28, 2016 1034 views

How to become a Professional Doctor

Hai ! I am jeevika . I am studying in 10 standard .To become a professional Doctor? What are the qualifications. What are the Good qualities for Good Doctor? #doctor #professor #educator #counselling

Priyanka ’s Avatar
Priyanka Jun 22, 2016 768 views

I want become a Zoologist ? which subject i need study in the college ? guide me

m studying in the 10th class high school, guide me #professional #educator #zoology

Ebince’s Avatar
Ebince Apr 30, 2016 754 views

How to treat the chikhen kuniya?

Hai! I am Ebince. I am studying in 10th standard. My question is how to treat the chickhen kuniya? #doctor #professor

vikash’s Avatar
vikash Apr 29, 2016 754 views

I want to become a software engineer

I am fond of working different application on computer. right now i am in 9th class please guide me how do i achieve my goal.... How i can make my career in Computers #professional

kiran’s Avatar
kiran Apr 29, 2016 954 views

what course should i take for biology lecturer after 2nd puc

of course, I written my 2nd puc exam, waiting for the result.


satish’s Avatar
satish Apr 29, 2016 1351 views

I want become a dancer.

I am Satish in 9th Class. I love to dance and i want to become a dancer. Dancing is my passion so i want it my profession so please guide me from where i got professional training for the dancer #professional #educator