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What can you do with a Bachelor's Degree in social work?

Hi, I want to be a social worker but I'm not sure if I want to get a Master's Degree or not. Is getting a Master's worth the extra schooling? social-work

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3 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

Obtaining a Master's degree is generally always worth the additional schooling - the more you know, the more exposure you get to different aspects of your field, the more you learn, the more marketable you become. A Master's degree will set you a part from other applicants in your field who may not have additional education or experience.

Thank you Kelly! Alyssa A.

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Yolonda’s Answer

I agree with Kelly. A bachelors degree has become a lot more popular so in order to make more money and continue moving up it would be ideal to get a Masters degree. With a Bachelors in Social Work, you can apply for an advance standing 1 year Masters in Social Work program which will allow you to receive your Bachelors and Masters of Social Work within 5 years. I chose to graduate college in 3 years with my Bachelors in Sociology and go into a 2 year Masters in Social Work program. Just an additional year of college was worth it to me.

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Angela’s Answer

Yes, a Master's degree with open up lots more employment options.. If you want to manage at some point in your career and not direct service, the Master's degree will make a difference. Let into additional credentials while you are in graduate school, much easier and cheaper to get those while you are already in school.