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I was born in America ,so is there a chance that i could take up law in India and continue my caree in law after graduating?

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As law deals with the Government and I being a citizen of another country was wondering if i could make a career with this subject in another country due to the present settle of home . #lawyers

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I am American and I have worked in International Law both in the US and overseas. I worked in the Africa Department of the World Bank and later worked in the UK. There are different ways to leverage your law degree to work in different countries. If you want to practice in house, in government or in a law firm, there will be different licensing requirements in different countries. I don't know what the licensing requirements are specifically in India, but I would expect that the requirements are different if you intend to work in a law firm and to litigate or represent clients in court, vs working in house in a company.

Thank you ,this gives me a lot of clarity . I shall find out the requirements in India. Ranjini I.