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I want to Study about Human Rights. Which Course I should opt after Class 10?

Asked Hyderabad, Telangana, India

I am a student of Class 10, very much interested to know about Human Rights. #law #lawyers #human-rights #great-advocator

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Oksana’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

It depends whether you would like to focus on human rights from the local or global/international perspective. Both are exciting, but may require different career path. In any case it is good idea to start with the basic course on Human Rights, learn the philosophy, history behind human rights movement, study basic legal documents. Next step will be reading of major decisions of the International Human Rights Courts, policies, laws and decisions of High Courts of your home country. Some schools offer courses on European Human Rights Law, International Human Rights Law, Comparative Studies of the Judicial decisions in the field of human rights and/or Constitutional foundations of human rights protection. All of the mentioned courses might be offered both at the beginners' and advance levels and it is important to choose appropriate level based on the existed knowledge and experience. Good luck!