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is being a lawyer hard work ?

Asked Baltimore, Maryland

wanna know does it takes time to actually start your career . #college #law #lawyers

6 answers

Sarah’s Answer

Updated Reading, England, United Kingdom

Further to the commenters above, sure it is "hard" at law school and takes a great deal of hard work and discipline from you, but I can tell you it's worth it. You will soon get used to working hard, you will find that you enjoy learning, and once you're qualified as a lawyer (in whatever field you choose) it can be extremely rewarding! Being a lawyer enables you to be an expert in your chosen field and you become so valuable to your clients, helping people is great. There is always new stuff to follow and new changes to keep updated with, so you're constantly learning and improving yourself throughout your whole career, it never gets "boring"!

Francis E’s Answer

Updated Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Law School is very challenging and a lot of reading is required, primarily of actual court cases. Having been out of college for a number of years, it was a little difficult getting back into the discipline of sitting at a desk and reading all the cases for hours at a time. I took an LSAT Prep Course from Kaplan, and for me, it was really helpful , and gave me an understanding of the LSAT test and the types of questions. Once you get past the first year of law school, it does become more bearable, because you've already gotten a hard dose of what it takes in year 1.

Adrienne’s Answer

Updated Haslet, Texas

I heard law school involves an immense amount of reading and that the first year is difficult. However, many lawyers claim that their third and fourth year are easy. However, once law school.is completed, you have to take the bar exam.

Paul V.’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hard is a relative term. I presume you mean to say "difficult". Many lawyers enjoy the challenges of practicing law; it is...difficult, but that's one of its beauties. To become a licensed lawyer, one must earn a bachelor's degree, take the Law School Admissions Test and apply to law schools. Once admitted, the Juris Doctor is a three-year doctoral program. There are some part-time programs that take a little longer. Once you've graduated from law school you must pass the bar examination in any jurisdiction of the United States to be licenced by the Supreme Court of that jurisdiction. Then the real work begins; learning by practicing law: many hours, many days and nights, Many months and many years honing your skills and abilities. It's hard, but it's worth it.

Ken’s Answer

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Ken’s Answer

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Here is a site that will give you much information about what it takes to become a lawyer: