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What kind of license do I need to start doing brow service (brow shaping, tweezing, brow dyeing)?

I am interested just in brow service, Do I need cosmetologist license or is it any other option to start this working and brow master legally? #cosmetology #career

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2 answers

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Ashlee’s Answer

Hi Alina, you can start with either completing a certificate or class in brow design, which will provide you with official experience in tinting, lamination, and threading. However, if you want to learn microblading you'll have to earn a separate certification for that process, which varies state to state. In addition, if you're at all interested in nails, hair, or lashes I would also recommend you consider completing a full Esthetician or Cosmetology Associate's degree (2 year process). I hope this helps!

Thank you for such a detailed and useful answer Ashlee! Alina K.

You're welcome Alina, and good luck on your journey :). You can do it! Ashlee R.

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Emily’s Answer

Either esthetician , nail, or cosmetology licensing. Like Ashlee said, you will need more training for microblading. Esthetician program is roughly 500 hours depending on your state, and Cosmetology is 1200+ also depending on your state. A consideration to getting a cosmetology license is that you'll have a lot of options to make money (hair color, hair cuts, waxing, nails, doing nails, perms, up do's). An esthetician license you can do facials, a variety of skin treatments, waxing, lash tinting, threading, and brows. With nails you can do pedi & mani, acrylics, gel, shellac, dip, waxing, threading, and brow/lash tinting. It's dependent on how much you want to spend for licensing, how much opportunity you have to make money, and the length of time you spend in school. As a cosmetologist, you're covered to do everything, but a lot of places aren't interested in hiring someone to do skin services, which doesn't sounds like that would be a problem because as far as brows and lashes, as long as you have a separate course that you took or some of your work in a portfolio you should be fine.