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What can i expect in terms of my work area?

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Clifford’s Answer

You will be covering a large area and have a small area where the control desk is located

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Billy’s Answer

As a nuclear plant operator, you would be in a medium-sized room filled with control boards that have analog control and switches that operate devices in the plant. Much of the control is performed by physically adjusting knobs and switches.

The control room is continuously staffed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with at least 3 people. A reactor operator, a senior reactor operator, and a shift manager. There may also be a fourth position related to safety and regulatory administration. If there are multiple units, then there will be more.

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Ronald’s Answer

Normaly as a reactor opperator you will be in the control room they are diffrent sizes. it could be 30X30 with other rooms around it. Some control rooms have one unit, others have more then one.