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Billy Peacock

Power Grid Operator
Production Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Little Rock, Arkansas
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Logan’s Avatar
Logan Nov 16, 2021 388 views

What is the day-to-day experience of an Electrical Power-line Installer like? What is still the biggest challenge to you in your job today? Any drawbacks to your work?

I'm a student studying Building Construction Technology in order to specialize into electrical. Looking at a few careers within that specialty. #electrical

Alorna’s Avatar
Alorna Mar 14, 2022 322 views

What do employers look for in a power plant operator?

I want to become a Power Plant Operator. What are common skills, certifications or achievements that would make me a good pick for an employer?

Alorna’s Avatar
Alorna Mar 14, 2022 384 views

What are power plants like?

What kind of environment could I expect working in a power plant? What kind of tools and thinking skills would I use on a daily basis?

Alorna’s Avatar
Alorna Mar 14, 2022 321 views

What does it take to become a Power Plant Operator?

What kind of certification and training would I need, and how long does it take? Do I need prior work experience, or are there training/apprenticeship programs for the position?

Rushal’s Avatar
Rushal Mar 31, 2017 4157 views

Why does a transformer work only with AC power supply? What would happen if it was connected to a DC power supply?

From my understanding of how a transformer works. A AC power provides an alternating magnetic field which drives the current to the other coil. So what is the reason why transformers only work with AC and not DC power? Is it because the DC power will provide constant current which can be too...

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Apr 11, 2018 796 views

What are the requirements for a relay and substation tech job?

I’m interested in asking this because I’m going to college to earn a AA degree in this field. #requirements #engineering #electrical

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Mar 15, 2019 2354 views

What are working conditions for an Electrician?

#Electrician #Electricity

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 06, 2018 924 views

What is required to work as a lineman at Alabama Power?

Im wanting to work their after i get out of school


Jean’s Avatar
Jean Oct 28, 2019 545 views

what a good way to start at electrical power-line intstallers


Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Apr 06, 2018 576 views

Do you have to be a certain age to work at Alabama Power as a mechanic?

To see how long it would take in till I start working. #mechanic

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Aug 26, 2019 376 views

Is this field growing in demand?

This field is always in demand because this job is always needed to keep the lights on and people with power. #linelife

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 27, 2016 1370 views

Is the field of renewable energy in the focus of solar energy a diminishing career field, or exapanding?

I've thought about a career path focused on renewable sustainable energy in the focus of solar energy, but all research suggests that solar power is a very inefficient means of powering our grid at this point in its age of advancement. #engineering #solar-energy #solar

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Feb 24, 2020 459 views

What can i expect in terms of my work area?

#Nuclear-power-reactor-operator #nuclear-power #operator

Slater’s Avatar
Slater Dec 16, 2014 1321 views

What classes or prior education will help me have the best chance of being hired as a line worker?

I am a senior in high school and I am looking to be a line worker for a power company. I am wondering what post high school education will help me the most and will give me the highest chance of being hired. #electrical #utilities #power-plants

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Jun 17, 2019 499 views

Where would be the best state to look for work as a Solar Systems Engineer?

#Career #placement #State