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If I do duel enrollment what classes should I take to help in college?

I am sophomore. I want to become a pediatric oncology nurse. #college #nurse

For any specific career, there are always foundation classes the first semesters. So, I'd suggest taking Finite, Psychology, and if your school offers it, Anatomy. Although you may still have to take placement tests for some courses, you will be ahead and can focus on classes that are related more to the field you are wanting to enter. Kennedee B.

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4 answers

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Heather’s Answer

Sophomore in high school? I would focus on taking your prerequisites for college itself. This would take less stress off you and when in college you will be able to focus on your nursing school prerequisites. Nursing school has no specialty but they are focused on grades within their core courses needed for application into their programs and overall GPA. Core courses i.e. would be basic chemistry, physiology, anatomy, basic math, microbiology but look up the programs within your area to confirm.

When I was in nursing school all of my requirements for graduation were completed so all I had to do was take my nursing courses and no other classes which takes away some stress in the schemes of things. Oncology nursing is an amazing area and I have met some amazing nurses within oncology (not my areas that I have worked as an RN).

If you are a sophomore in college and doing dual enrollment, I have done this back in the day. This is dependent on your course load at each, the difficulty and knowing your strengths and how much time you have. I did general chemistry at city college while I took on a full course load at the other as the times worked best for me but my full course load was just finishing up all graduation requirements before nursing school.

Heather recommends the following next steps:

Look up prerequisites for college you are applying too and what are transferable between colleges
Look up prerequisites for local nursing programs that you would like to apply (look at NCLEX pass rates to grade them as well)
Identify your strength and weakness within education i.e science, math, critical thinking
Look at volunteers opportunities within the local hospitals

Thank you. This is really helpful. I'm a sophomore in high school, sorry. Anabel L.

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Ari’s Answer

I recommend taking general education courses for dual enrollment so that when you actually get to your college years you can focus more on your major and maybe adding a minor.

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Burel’s Answer

Dual enrollment is a very smart way to get ahead. You learn about the academic rigor college offers while also reducing the time and money needed to graduate from a four year or even a two year degree. The classes needed to fulfill the general education requirements for any degree is what I recommend. You can't go wrong with English Composition, English Lit, College Algebra, Speech or Public Speaking, Sociology, Psychology and a laboratory science e.g. Biology , Chemistry. Please check the courses to see their transfer-ability before enrolling. The courses I listed are typically found for graduation from state supported institutions. Private schools may vary a little more slightly.

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Aicha’s Answer

Hi Heather! I would say figure out what pre-req courses you need for your major and focus on those if they are offered at whatever college or university you will be taking your dual-enrollment courses at. Also, take your basic general core which may be the same as your pre-req requirements. General core usually consists of math, science, english, US history, American Government, etc. But I would do some research on what classes are required for your chosen major, and then go from there.

Dual-enrollment is such a great opportunity because you get to get a taste of what college is like before you even actually start, and this will alleviate some of the stress or anxiety you may or may not have about college.

I wish you good luck and I hope this helped you out!

Thank you so much. This really helped a lot. Anabel L.