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How would you apply new technology or information to your position?

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2 answers

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Mallika’s Answer

Hey Dania,

I believe the first thing you should do is to find out the problem/issue you want to fix by implementing technology or information. Once you have identified that, you should think of ways in which you would like to solve it. Doing a simple google search should definitely help you in finding the technology or information you are looking for. As for applying it, I feel that once you are confident of the technology/information - talk with the other stakeholders/colleagues who may be impacted by that. Let them know how it can benefit you in your position or the company or even your colleagues! Once you have a buy-in from your leadership, it's often easier to apply new technology/information to your position.

As your question was very general, I tried to give a generic response hoping this might help you!


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Jen’s Answer

Maybe I will come at this from a different perspective than the first commenter...as rehab professionals, we don't always have technology in the forefront of our mind. But there are so many ways to implement and use technologies to positively impact the lives of our clients and the efficiency of our job performance. If you are interested in bringing rehab and technology together, ask questions, be resourceful and creative, and you will have a great impact on your job site, patients, and potentially the field at large. For example, there is a burgeoning body of research about the efficacy of teletherapy services for different populations. At my clinic we are currently asking ourselves how we can use that delivery method not only as a temporary fix during a time of quarantine, but how can we use this area of practice in combination with our more traditional in person services to provide more effective services long term. So far we have experienced some amazing things, like parents gaining a greater understanding of therapy and increased ability to carry over at home. And a formerly skeptical parent reporting that doing PT exercises with her son has made her feel closer to him. Dream big and then plan smartly.

Jen recommends the following next steps:

If you want more specific information, feel free to narrow your question!