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Are mistakes taken extremely serious?

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Michael’s Answer

Comebacks and mistakes cost money.
Comebacks include defective parts and Technician mistakes. Comebacks are a cost of doing business.
Sometimes we install defective parts. Defective parts are not the Technicians fault and therefore should not be seen as a mistake. The company has to take care of the customer not at a cost to the Technician.
I've worked for employers which will pay the Technician to redo their mistakes. In this case the employer covers the cost of replacement parts and the Technician's wage. I've also worked for shops where the Technician does not get paid their wage for redoing their mistake. Employers will have to eliminate employees which cost them money and customers.

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Heather’s Answer

Depends on the mistake. If a person made a a mistake based on numerous factors ie went against policy and procedures that mistake can be a pink slip. If it was an error that was acknowledged and you fixed it depends. People make mistakes, errors happen as we are human but it depends on multiple factors.