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Is damaging a vehicle ever a concern?

Asked Las Vegas, Nevada

When working on a vehicle, are you ever concerned about damaging any of the parts your working on?


3 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


It's going to happen. It may be your fault - maybe not. Either way, the most important thing is to report it to your supervisor right away. Don't leave it to be "discovered" by someone else! Get a reputation early-on for your honesty. It will pay off in the long run! (And, it goes without saying, try as hard as possible to not cause damage!)


Benjamin’s Answer


I used to fix medical equipment like X-ray machines and MRIs. If you are ever going to be any kind of repair-person for a living, you are without a doubt going to break something. It is a hazard of the profession. Wrenches slip, you forget to tighten all the screws, the new part you put in might be defective and damage something else. The good news is, everyone you will work with will have done the same thing.

I once forgot to tighten down a few wire terminals on a Cat Scan machine, and when I turned it on, a freaking fireball shot out of it. Set the fire alarms off. Security and the fire department showed up. It was not one of my finer moments. But I survived, and you will too.

Steve’s Answer


Yes, Damaging a vehicle while working on it can be a concern. Making sure to use blankets or fender covers if you anticipate you'll be working under the hood a lot. Removing anything around your waist or that is metal to ensure you can't damage the paint. Even working on things on or under the vehicle that require critical thinking skills to find way of getting the job done without damaging anything else. Like, if i hit this brake rotor with a hammer to loosen it, whats that going to do to the wheel bearing holding it on. If i hit it too hard will it damage it as well. But things happen and sometimes you break things or parts. When that happens it's up to us to make is right