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Doing the volunteer work, do I go to college for this after I volunteer or do I start actual work immediately

I am a college student in international business college and vet tech. I am a little confused about my majoring in and like more of an idea to become a police investigator. I am a hard worker and like to ask questions. I have good social skills. #student #volunteer

Hi Amanda, Can you explain your question further? Are you currently involved in a volunteer opportunity and looking to turn it into a career? Giving us more details can give professionals a better understanding of what you're asking and increase the likelihood that they provide advice. Gurpreet Lally

I couldn’t find a job after college and ending up cleaning houses. I then started volunteering for a Family Planning group and they hired me after a few weeks. You should also post your volunteer work on your resume and up at the top where you put your current job. Make clear it is volunteer! Good luck and cleaning houses was good training group in all Honorable work! Jacqueline Elder

My last name Is Elder, Not Eldee. Jacqueline Elder

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4 answers

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Sandra’s Answer

Hi Amanda, I'm understanding you may be confused about what you will major in, which is normal. I see you have good social skills and are interested in both Vet Tech and Police Investigator. If you find volunteer opportunities related to your areas of interest, that will really help you understand what your major should be.

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Lakshmi’s Answer

Dear Amanda,
You are truly not alone in feeling uncertain about your career vs education. You live in a city, where you have access to knowing about investigations, prison systems etc.
You seem to have analytical and social skills and this opens up many opportunities.
From your question, I am not clear if you are volunteering in the area you are in or in investigations. Political science, criminal Justice are areas that provide you more in depth knowledge of the system. Police investigators will need a network of support, experience and knowledge base to be effective. I would urge you to go online to Indiana Career Exploration site to do a survey. This helps understand options, careers and education questions. The site id is:
Good luck and hope this helps answer your question.

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Cayla’s Answer

Hello Sandra,

If you're interested in becoming a police investigator you should research the career requirements in your country to have an idea. However, it's not necessary to get a bachelor degree unless you want to work within the government sector. If there's a police academy you can apply to and you get approved then it'll be easier to be able to work your way up to becoming a police investigator.

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Amber’s Answer

Cybersecurity is a really promising career field for analytical minds with an interest in police work. Political science can also be a helpful career path.

Good guidance on the question posed. Lakshmi Raman