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How would i have to go about becoming a Police Officer in Chicago?

I'm a 12th grade student from India and i am currently looking into various colleges/universities for admissions. I am planning to migrate to Chicago this year to do an undergraduate criminal justice course. Well since i was a really small kid, i was always engrossed with the term 'police' , i loved interacting with police officers, my eyes were always glued to actual crime scenes, seeing how disputes were settled by the police, watching Crime TV Shows. (I am still glued to those things actually) The sound of police sirens zooming on the roads, the sound of orders coming in on Walkie Talkies, Police Officers dressed in their appealing uniforms always going out there to serve and protect. I became increasingly interested in always stopping and looking at police matters on the streets and looking at how they handle the case. As i grew older i started to love helping people. I get a sense of joy when I can help people and make them smile. My own friends come to me for advice and help in dealing with their issues. I have always known that I wanted a career in an area where I can be a service to others; a direct service to others. Cuffing the bad guys and sending them to jail, protecting and serving my community and society, Finding out new and better ways to make the neighborhood safer, eliminating any terrorist threats, attacks if police are involved and so on, I figured all this was what i always wanted to do with my life. In conclusion.. I would like to ask, What steps would i have to take to achieve my dream of becoming a Police Officer in Chicago, Illinois ? #police #criminal-justice

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1 answer

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Alexandra’s Answer

Aaron, the first thing you need to do is apply to become a US citizen. I am originally from Mexico and at one point of my degree i wanted to become as office too, but since i'm not a citizen I can't.
But you are just about to begin with this journey, so take advantage of the time you have and start looking for what to do and request the forms to become a resident and later a citizen.

By personal experience, i will tell you that is going to be hard being foreign student wanting a job that is just supposed to be for US citizens, but if is is really what you want to be when you grow up the you will achieve that goal.

Never desist and always take advantage of every person you get to know that may be able to help help you later in you carreer.

Thank you comment icon Thank you very much Ms Alexandra. I will keep what you said in mind! Although i must tell you that i am adamant on applying for CPD because they take Green card holders as well..Thank you again! :) Aaron F.