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i want to become animation so what course should i take ?

i have completed 10th #animation

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2 answers

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Kathy’s Answer

Hi Nandamuri!

Being an animator is a lot of fun and very satisfying to see your drawings "come to life"!
With all the game and film companies out there, there is ALWAYS a need for GOOD animators.
Even though you will eventually need to be take courses in 3D modeling/rigging and animation of these models, at the beginning it's VERY important to study traditional 2D animation.

In 2D animation classes you'll get to learn how to slow down (add more frames) and speed up (less frames) your animations. This is called the timing of the animation and it's probably the most important thing you can learn because it deals with real life physics and mass. Once you study and get a feel for how things move in the real world, you'll be better able to transfer that knowledge to the world of animation or "artificial" life and your animations will look much more natural and convincing. Even now, on your own, you can begin by watching how people and objects around you move. Light and fast? Or heavy and slow? Slow start, then fast exit (like a slingshot)?
It may be simple, but the more you observe, the more you understand physics.

I highly recommend being an animator!

Good luck! (And don't let anyone tell you that you can't!) ;)


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Corey’s Answer

What Kathy Said.

They call what she is describing to you, the 12 principles of animation. We all go to the computers, but we all start on Bristol Board. Many of my friends have been fighting the computers all through college. They only want to be 2D. I made the switch to 3D, but, man oh man, how I wish it was all 2D still.

People watching is a real thing, and when your stuck, you will look crazy in your chair or beside it as you act out what you are trying to animate. Don't worry, though, you aren't crazy. Only passionate.