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How to become a wrestler

My name is Roscoe saylor I'm 18 years old and I want to be a wrestler #sports

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5 answers

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Donte’s Answer

Great question! I have often wondered myself how do you make it to the WWE and other professional wrestling leagues.

Below I’m going to list a few steps that can help you reach your goals:

Donte recommends the following next steps:

1. Get in the best shape of your life.
2. Find a quality wrestling school. Often they hold events across the county.
3. Study Pro Wrestling to become a Expert.
4. Get inside the ring and practice as much as possible.
5. Work on your character and promote, promote, promote!

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Lewis’s Answer

I'm no pro on this topic, but am an avid fan and love that you're showing interest so early. Now is the time to try it, as later in life, it may get harder.

As some have previously mentioned, you need to find a good wrestling school, if you're truly serious about it. After a quick google search, there are a few in Kentucky, including one of the biggest, Ohio Valley Wrestling School. Some of their alumni include Chris Jericho, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and a laundry list of who's who of current & classic wrestlers! Small schools should be fine, as you'd likely have less pressure, time to learn and the chance to hone your physique and mic skills.

Become a student of the sport. Yes, it is acting & scripted, but you will take REAL bumps and need to know how to take those, to remain healthy. Understand technique, watch tape of legends doing it (Bret Hart) and get your cardio up 150%! You're putting on a show for a captivated audience, you don't want to get tired a couple of minutes in, do you?

Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, but their understanding of the sport is key. Marco Stunt is 5'2", Braun Strowman is 6'8", Samoa Joe looks overweight, but they all can perform at a high level with an understanding of teamwork. Wrestlers learn each others strengths & weaknesses before a match, including practicing what their plan is to allow them both to showcase their talents, while performing together their choreographed "dance" to create an entertaining match.

Not to mention, you already have a killer name that sounds like a wrestler and a lot of guys struggle with that!

Lewis recommends the following next steps:

Become a student of the sport.
Respect those who have done it successfully.
Understand yourself, both with your personality & physique.
Be confident & take a chance!

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Jones’s Answer

If you want to be a WWE wrestler, you should know they are actors. It doesn’t take much acting skills, but lots of stunt skills. So you have to be agile, muscular and learn how to fall and throw people so they don’t actually get hurt. It’s not fighting. It’s following a script where the stuntman is the real actor.

If you want to be a real professional wrestler, then I don’t want to discourage you, but most of the top wrestlers have started at a young age. You being 18 already, will have to get real physical strength as well as flexibility and learn the rules of wrestling. You need to find a trainer and you need to find your weight class and train to get you best shape to fit with that class. Your trainer will help you withal this.

Most pro wrestlers are already aiming for Olympics at age 18 so you have lots of ground to cover. WWE is more artistic talent so I guess if you can look good for the cameras and your agent can get you connection on the inside you got a better chance.

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Estelle’s Answer

Are you planning to go to college to wrestle? This would be a good place to make connections and improve your skills. It would also provide you with other career options when wrestling is no longer possible for you. Good luck!

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Dennis’s Answer

There are wrestling camps and training facilities out there, though are looking to be a professional TV wrestler, or go onto college to wrestle? Narrow down your quest and search on google your interests.