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What are good programs to take in university for becoming a pediatrician?

I am taking a year off to upgrade some of my courses. In addition to that, I did not take physics in grade 11 or 12 so I will need to take physics during my gap year. #healthcare

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5 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Patricia! You would need to complete premed courses as outlined in the previous comment by Mallory, then you take the MCAT and apply to medical school. Things are different because of COVID but if you can meet up with a premed adviser in your college even through email they will be able to guide you on this path. If you are taking a gap year, I would definitely try to get some clinical work once things become better, such as in a nearby clinic or hospital. Definitely do well in the courses you take and the MCAT because they will help you in getting into medical school!

Best of luck!

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Judy’s Answer

Most universities will have a pre-med curriculum mapped out where you will have some options such as you can take biology or zoology, chemistry, physics and the associated labs. You will still need humanities and I would imagine classes such as Development Psychology or Child Psychology would be useful. Microbiology and nutrition are also useful. As mentioned you will have some options but many specific requirements are mandatory. Look at online requirements and also make an appointment with a counselor at your university. It is a lot of work to get into medical school so I would recommend you becoming a volunteer in a medical institution and observe as much as you can.

Judy recommends the following next steps:

If your class work is interesting and you are doing well, you may even want to get a job in a hospital part time during school.
Ask someone you know in the healthcare field to commit to being a mentor.

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Mallory’s Answer

If you are interested in medical school to become a pediatrician the requirements might change this year due to COVID-19 but they usually include:
One year of Biology with lab.
One year of General Chemistry with lab.
One year of Organic Chemistry with lab.
One semester of Biochemistry.
One year of Physics with lab.
One year of English.

I hope this helps!

I know requirements can change based on what degree you are seeking so let me know if I can help you find more specific requirements.

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Deepa’s Answer

I would take some basic science courses if you haven't already, such as biology and chemistry. If you've taken these, you might want to try anatomy or physiology. I work in pediatrics and I love it, so you're choosing a great field!

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Philomena’s Answer

i know Pedes is a specialty in medicine hence you need to read medicine in university to able to gain MbCHB then you can specialize in pedes.