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Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 14, 2020 769 views

What are different types of medical jobs

#doctor #medical #nursing #medical-school

Johnathon’s Avatar
Johnathon Apr 17, 2020 660 views

What are some different specialities within medicine

#medicine #medical

Toluwanimi’s Avatar
Toluwanimi Jun 17, 2020 1178 views

What are the best medical specialties for extroverts

I am a biochemistry graduate with strong interpersonal skills. I am applying to medical schools and I am gathering all the information possible.
#medical-school #healthcare #MD#DO

Xiara’s Avatar
Xiara Apr 23, 2020 600 views

How has the Coronavirus impacted your career as a Neurologist?

With this whole widespread of the virus, how drastically did your routine change? #medicine #career #changes #medical

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Apr 12, 2020 743 views

What are good programs to take in university for becoming a pediatrician?

I am taking a year off to upgrade some of my courses. In addition to that, I did not take physics in grade 11 or 12 so I will need to take physics during my gap year. #healthcare

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Apr 23, 2020 672 views

I'm not good at math. Can I still be a doctor?

#medicine #premed

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 18, 2020 937 views

what kind of work do surgeons do?

I know they operate what else do they do #medicine #surgeon #surgery

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff May 16, 2020 630 views

How much should I budget for college and med school in addition to tuition?

#medicine #premed

Mehakpreet’s Avatar
Mehakpreet Apr 02, 2020 456 views

How many hours do you need to log in the OR per week during residency ?

#medicine # #surgery

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Apr 29, 2020 624 views

What is one thing about being a practicing physician that you wish you knew before applying to medical school?

#medicine #premed #medicalschool #physician

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Apr 23, 2020 545 views

Do you learn medical history in med school?

#medicine #premed #medical

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 23, 2020 493 views

What kinds of doctor can I be?

#medicine #premed

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 23, 2020 535 views

Do I decide in college what kind of doctor I want to be?

#medicine #premed

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 23, 2020 503 views

I didn't do well in high school. Can I still go to med school

#medicine #premed

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 23, 2020 543 views

Can I go to med school in Caribbean with bad grades?

#medicine #premed