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mariana Sep 06, 2019 514 views

Is this field growing enough so that there's room for someone like me ?


Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 25, 2020 457 views

How can I get shadowing opportunities for medical school?

I am a second-year Bioengineering major looking to get more involved in my future career field. #healthcare #medicine #medical

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Apr 15, 2020 948 views

How did you know that you wanted to be a doctor? After becoming a doctor, did you still feel passionate about your job choice?

Hi! I'm interested in possibly pursuing a career in medicine. I know that I want to have a job where I can help other people: I'm thinking about doing that by becoming a doctor. # #doctor #career #medical #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Apr 17, 2020 603 views

How can I become a lawyer? I already took the LSAT and got a 164 and submitted an application essay, but I applied for the CAS which did not send my transcripts to the appropriate schools I applied to, so I did not get in. Is there an easier way to become a lawyer? I have ADHD, depression, and anxiety and I really need some help because I can't jump through all of the hoops required to become a lawyer. My dream is to work for civil rights and social justice.

#lawyers #justices #federalgovernemnt #criminal-justice #college #criminology #law #lawyer

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Apr 12, 2020 716 views

What are good programs to take in university for becoming a pediatrician?

I am taking a year off to upgrade some of my courses. In addition to that, I did not take physics in grade 11 or 12 so I will need to take physics during my gap year. #healthcare

Antonyo’s Avatar
Antonyo Sep 16, 2019 376 views

Do you think from you job now you'll get future experience.

I want to be a #doctor

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Apr 03, 2018 642 views

How can I increase my chances for the Direct Med program?

I know that the Direct Med program is extremely competitive, but what can I do to make sure that I have a competitive resume that will higher my chances of getting in too? Do I need to make sure that I have good grades, good extracurriculars, or what? #medicine #directmedicine #healthcare...

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Apr 17, 2020 695 views

What jobs in the medical field involve working with the elderly?

I'm not entirely sure if a "geriatric" is a doctor type but it sounds interesting. #doctor #medicine #medical #healthcare

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Apr 17, 2020 993 views

What exactly does the path to becoming a doctor look like?

So I know that this answer will vary depending upon the type of doctor you decide to be, but a general answer will suffice. Is it just get you B.S/B.A, go to medical school, residency, and then a job? #medicine #doctor #medical #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #doctor

Mehakpreet’s Avatar
Mehakpreet Apr 02, 2020 587 views

How should one manage the stress that comes with going to medical school?

#medicine # #doctor

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Feb 17, 2020 741 views

How does this site work?

Current undergraduate student. Looking for work and medical experience. # #healthcare #therapy #aide #athletictrainer #physicaltherapy

Aun’s Avatar
Aun Feb 28, 2020 727 views

What was your Pathway to Medical School?

This may not be common amongst many people, but if applicable, would you tell me how you got into medical school (starting from high school)? This will definitely be a long question, but I felt that it would be helpful to many students and aspiring individuals looking for motivation or a...

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Aug 26, 2019 367 views

Would my strengths, weaknesses and hobbies make me fit for this career?

I am a senior in high school, I am thinking about going into nursing at Western Dakota Tech. I work as a CNA at the Good Samaritan and I just applied for PCT at the hospital in town. #nursing #nursing #medicine #healthcare

Kakwi’s Avatar
Kakwi Apr 08, 2020 1008 views

Apart from being Highly self-motivated and goals driven, very dynamic and innovative, and possesses team spirit. what other factors can help me in my career ?

#career #motivated #teamspirit #anthropology #research #culture #world #art #travel

Jimena’s Avatar
Jimena May 23, 2018 703 views

What do you most enjoy about being a pediatrician?

I'm considering Pediatrics as my career choice in the future and I would like to know what is the best part of being a pediatrician. I would also like to know what advice you would give to someone who is interested in becoming a pediatrician. #pediatrics #pediatrician #medicine #doctor...