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I am interested in Web Design but I am not sure of the job market or exact degree to pursue.

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Yesterday, I won an award at my school for best Web Design projects, having the highest grade in the school, on each project this school year! I am about to graduate high school. I'm not sure exactly what major/minor to pursue and I am also wondering what kind of a career I will find. I am going to the University of the Incarnate Word this fall. #web-design

4 answers

Borislav’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hello Brittney

A lot of the people I went to college with started their careers as web designers. I majored in Computer Science. Web deign and programming have quite a lot in common. Taking it to a level where you actually win awards means that you are also passionate about it and enjoy it too. Being proficient at it while still in high school is impressive and perhaps you will feel comfortable in any computer/programming related filed of study and that can eventually turn into a career you are passionate about as well. Good luck!

Angus’s Answer

Updated Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Congrats on the award.

My colleagues and I have worked in ecommerce for many years and therefore encountered many good web designers - mostly on the agency side (working for a creative agency) rather than in the client side (in the company itself running the website) - however, the good ones always quickly progress from "basic web design" to more complicated design projects that go beyond just web page design - or get heavily involved in team leadership or client account management - and even progress up into the creative leadership roles. bear in mind that you will also need to be open to understanding Business Management skills when you get to this level. i.e web design is a great stepping stone into any kind of broader "digital" role (which has a very broad meaning nowadays)

Also - bear in mind that there is a very strong link between design and the whole world of usability and customer experience (CE), which is an industry / career in its own right. Many functions rely on design and CE skills for developing new products, services, apps, etc

Think about what you really enjoy doing with your web design - is it the coding itself or the creative part - or the joy of seeing the experience you have created that people use .. this could help you guide your career path

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Good job on landing your award, and during your high school years, that will definitely hit a mark in others' eyes.

It is fine to question yourself in your current state since you just finished high school but you have a best idea what you want to do right now! Computer Science and Web Design are similar in many ways but they also differ. Computer Science focuses on the aspect of the functionality and interface, responsive of the website while Web Design is more focusing on the visuals and the user experience of the website. At this point for you, I would try both and see which area you would want to do.

Andrea’s Answer

Updated Duncan, Oklahoma

Congratulations on your award! Web design is definitely in high demand. You can either get a major in computer science or get a different major and then get a certification in web design on the side.