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How many years of school (after high school) does it take to become an orthodontist assistant?

Asked Ozan, Arkansas

I am currently a senior in high school aspiring to become an orthodontist. However, ever since senior year started, I've been exploring my options on what I truly want to become in life, looking at life in a new light, and realizing my strengths and weaknesses I've had all throughout my high school career. Although becoming an orthodontist has always been a career I've wanted to pursue, if financial needs become an issue, I want to know exactly how many years I am looking at if I wasn't able to continue school to become an actual orthodontist. #dentist #orthodontist #dental-assistant

1 answer

Jennifer A.’s Answer

Updated Spring, Texas

To be an ortho or dental assistant, you'll just go to a local trade school for about 1 year. Because you need very little training, you'll also get paid very little! I was in your same position. I couldn't afford to go to 8 years of college to be a dentist so, I became a dental hygienist! Dental hygiene is the absolute best field for working moms! Your hours are very flexible, a full work week is only 4 days and you'll start around $32-36/hr! The best part is, after your prerequisite classes, which take about 1 year, the dental hygiene program is only 2 years! Good luck on your endeavor!