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Jennifer A. Shaw, RDH

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Julie’s Avatar
Julie Mar 19, 2014 1496 views

I'm interested in a dentistry career, what tips do you have?

What tips would you provide to a student pursuing a career as a dental hygienist? #dentist #dental-hygienist #family-dentistry #pediatric-dentistry

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 09, 2016 1089 views

Would a degree in Dentay Hygiene give me a good foundation to continue on to Dental School?

I will be starting college in the fall of 2016. I decided on pursuing a major in dental hygiene with hopes to later go on to dental school. I know most of the dentists I have talked to said that they majored in biology or pre-dentistry before dental school. However, I did not want to major in...

Meleah’s Avatar
Meleah May 12, 2016 1017 views

How many years of school (after high school) does it take to become an orthodontist assistant?

I am currently a senior in high school aspiring to become an orthodontist. However, ever since senior year started, I've been exploring my options on what I truly want to become in life, looking at life in a new light, and realizing my strengths and weaknesses I've had all throughout my high...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 04, 2016 886 views

How much school is required if I want to become a pediatric dentist?

I might want to become a pediatric dentist, but I'm unsure if it would take too many years of school and if it would be very flexible. #dentistry #children #family-dentistry #pediatric-dentistry

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 09, 2016 783 views

Will a career in the dental field be a long lasting career?

I want to pursue a career that I wont have to worry about ending. I want to feel secure in whichever field I choose. #dentistry #dentist #dental

alexis’s Avatar
alexis May 13, 2016 965 views

What courses or classes should I take in college and high school if I am interested in the field of dentistry?

I have wanted to become a dentist form the young age of 2 and now I am old enough to gear my life towards that goal. However, I am not completely sure which classes are the best to take. I know math and science courses in general but I need specifics. #college #college-major #dentistry #dental