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I'm interested in a dentistry career, what tips do you have?

What tips would you provide to a student pursuing a career as a dental hygienist? #dentist #dental-hygienist #family-dentistry #pediatric-dentistry

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3 answers

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Alyx’s Answer

Dental hygienists must be licensed in the state where they wish to work. To do this, they must finish a training program. Students may choose among accredited associate degrees and bachelor's degree dental hygiene programs. They must then pass written and practical exams.

High school classes that will help prepare students for college include Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, and Medical Terminology.

Participation in a Tech Prep program may be a valuable high school experience. In Tech Prep programs, high school students enroll in technical college courses. Students participating in these programs may enroll in a technical college with advanced standing when they graduate from high school.

Moving Up
Hygienists who work in dentist offices usually receive pay increases as they gain additional experience. People with a bachelor's degree may become teachers or researchers. Generally, a master's degree is needed to move into administrative positions in dental schools or public health agencies.

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Jennifer A.’s Answer

I completely agree with Alyx. The absolute most important thing you need to prepare is excellent grades and community service. Dental hygiene is a very competitive field, as well as a DDS, so you must make A's in your prerequisite college courses to get in. Most dental hygiene programs only have approximately 25 spots, some more and some less. They go by your grades in prerequisite classes and then usually look at community service, prior dental experience, etc. Good luck to you and never give up on your dreams! Work hard and it will be well worth it!

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Estelle’s Answer

I would start shadowing early. Try to obtain a part time job in a dentist office. Make sure that you like the job early.