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What would an internship at a company like Fannie Mae be like for a high school or college student?

Asked Providence, Rhode Island

I heard Fannie Mae employees would be on CareerVillage I wanted to ask about available internships for college or even high school students. Are there internships available? Can students work remotely if they live too far away? What should I epect to be doing interning at Fannie Mae? #finance #internships

2 answers

Kia’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Sorry, I'm not aware of any remote internship programs at Fannie Mae. The interns with my business unit report to work everyday on site. (i.e. @ Wash D.C. office) However, keep looking with other companies because you may find sometime that meets your needs.

Thank you for the info!

Cristine’s Answer

Updated Washington

Hi Anina,

You ask a good question. I did some digging and found this notice on our internal website asking if employees knew of any students needing internships from last September. If the timing is the same, we will be looking for interns after the end of the summer for the following summer. I will paste the letter below. It states that you must contact Fannie Mae's recruiting department at campus_recruiting774. The link to the email address is on Fannie Mae's website. Since I am not in human resources, I can't speak much about the process of getting an internship (other than to do the digging I just did), but I can speak about my experience with interns at Fannie Mae. I work in the Multifamily division, which manages apartment building loans. I began here in Finance and then moved to Credit Risk. In Finance, I was responsible for reporting at a portfolio level the multifamily credit metrics (Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Credit Loss Ratio, Loan to Value, etc.). Interns would help the analysts scrub loan level data for presentations to management. This is a great internship because you are able to see the financial status of every aspect of the business. You also need to build relationships with these divisions to obtain the information you're reporting on. I came to Fannie Mae from Energy Trading, so this portfolio level reporting experience was valuable. Once I learning the business, after about 3 years I moved to Credit Risk Management where I negotiate workouts of loans that have trouble paying their bills. The internships here involve assisting in more deal level analysis instead of portfolio analysis. Mainly spreading financial statements and vetting lender requests. I encourage you to reach out to our campus recruiters, even if you are not yet in college. They may have opportunities for high school students as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions or want to know more about my career. I hope I was able to help you!


​We're kicking off the campus recruiting season. If you know a college student looking for an internship or full-time entry-level position next year, let us know by September 30.

Who we're looking for:

We're looking for rising college sophomores or juniors in college for internships (starting summer 2016) or entry-level (starting August 2016) positions with Fannie Mae. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher majoring in finance, accounting, economics, computer science, systems engineering, business management, operations, information systems, or liberal arts. Ideal candidates exhibit strong leadership skills, demonstrate innovation in how they approach problems, and have strong interpersonal skills.

To view each of our specific program requirements, go to the "referring campus talent" tab on our campus recruiting page.

How to recommend a student:

Email Campus Recruiting with the following information: •Student name •Student year •Student school •Student resume •Recommended program •Why you think the student is a good fit for a specific program

Thank you so much for giving me all this information!!! I'll definitely look into it when I'm old enough.