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How can I make myself stand out against the sea of students in my major?

I'm a junior in high school, getting ready to apply to colleges. I want to apply as a biology major, with a biomedical concentration. This specific major and concentration is in the top 3 for most common majors at my top college. How can I make myself stand out when there are 1,000 incoming freshman just like me? #college #doctor #biology #healthcare #scientist #biologist #college-counseling

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Barbara-Ann’s Answer

Just be yourself. If your grades are good and you play a sport or participate in a club, don't forget to put that on your application. Also, include volunteer and community actitivities, as well as employement. Most schools are looking for a well rounded student, not just the grades and test scores. Look at different types of schools, a school you may have thought you wouldn't like may become your favorite.
Good Luck!!