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How hard is it to be a chiropractic physician in Oklahoma?

I heard this is a very competitive field. I was curious to know how difficult it will be to establish my practice after I graduate. #college #career #physician #physicians #chiropractor #chiropractors

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Sekhar’s Answer

It is never a hard to become any professional if you have a determination and conviction beside your liking towards that profession. Good news is that you are already thinking about this noble profession to help people curing from their ailments. You are in right path  to become a professional who can contribute a lot for their community by bringing good health , encouraging preventive care and awareness of different ailments . I had been treated by a chiropractic physician and I felt very good after couple of weeks of treatment and what I understood it is a long term process and not a short term one and the physician  has to prepare their patient on that front from the beginning so that they can buy in to that commitment to see the final result. I think this profession  also need the skill of building relationship and communication skill.

Next step will be to collect some statistics of Chiropractic physicians  in the state and city where you want to practice.

  1. Name of Physician
  2. How many Years practicing?
  3. How long it took him to establish?
  4. What is the growth of patient in last 5 years or so?
  5. What is the recommendation of the Physician about the profession trend and future prospect?

The above answers from several Chiro Physicians will be able to help you make a sound  decision and the future course of action before and after the graduation.