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Career Questions tagged Chiropractor

Darren L.’s Avatar
Darren L. Nov 02, 2021 156 views

Is Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Medicine worth the time and money?

From what I've learned, both physical therapy and chiropractic medicine require years of school. Tuition is pricey and school takes up a lot of your time. Is it really worth all that effort to become a PT or a DC? medicine physical-therapist medical-education physical-therapy doctor...

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Naysa D.’s Avatar
Naysa D. Aug 18, 2021 181 views

What conditions come with being a chiropractor? What does a typical schedule look like? How should i prepare myself before entering this career?

My name is Naysa, i am 18 years old. I used to be a student athletic trainer, that is where i felt like i belonged. Once my trainer started to show me how to adjust the spine or to manipulate the muscle and joints, i knew what i wanted to be. chiropractor studentathletictrainer...


Darren L.’s Avatar
Darren L. Apr 21, 2021 336 views

What steps does one have to take to become a Chiropractor?

I'm currently in high school and I am interested in the career of a Chiropractor. I'm aware that one must have a Bachelor's Degree before applying for Chiropractor school? What majors and classes do you recommend someone apply for if they are interested in becoming a D.C. ? future career...

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Cayden B.’s Avatar
Cayden B. Oct 19, 2020 141 views

It it scary when you adjust someone

I’m a freshman wanting to be a chiropractor...


Addie J.’s Avatar
Addie J. Oct 30, 2020 207 views

What universities are best for the Dentistry and Chiropractic?

I’m torn between setting off toward being a chiropractor or a dentist....chiropractor...


Karlee F.’s Avatar
Karlee F. May 13, 2016 643 views

How hard is it to be a chiropractic physician in Oklahoma?

I heard this is a very competitive field. I was curious to know how difficult it will be to establish my practice after I graduate. college career physician physicians chiropractor...


Elodie T.’s Avatar
Elodie T. Aug 21, 2016 754 views