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how hard is it to be a chiropractor

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

Most states require bachelor degrees + 'graduate' level Chiropractic classes + internships that may be similar in length and subject matter to becoming a Dr. or Nurse. Specific licensing will depend on your state.

So do the research to see if you want to focus just on this or go for a broader medical degree.
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Justin’s Answer

Hi Mason,

Great career choice!!! Chiropractor's as you know, help others feel and perform their best. In order to become a Chiropractor, you do need to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree. This degree comes from a specialized Chiropractic School that requires a Bachelor's Degree beforehand. Life University in Georgia is the top Chiropractic school in the country. Because Chiropractic is heavy with anatomy, it is wise to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Kinesiology, or even Sports Science or Exercise Science since all of these majors are heavy in anatomy and physiology coursework. They also all study how the body moves. You may also want to take some undergrad coursework in Business, since most Chiropractors go into private practice by opening up their own office. Business classes will help you come up with a proper Business Plan.

I hope this helps and best of luck in becoming a successful Chiropractor!!!