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What would be the best way to balance college courses?

Updated Norco, California

I'm going for mechanical engineering and I know it is going to be brutal, so is there a way to balance out the way I schedule classes? #mechanical-engineer

2 answers

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

The mechanical engineering curriculum for the first three years is set for you. If you find it too hard you are going to lighten the load a bit. I took 15 to 19 credit hours during while I was pursuing my bachelor's. Lastly, it won't be brutal! You are going to enjoy your time if you enjoy mechanical engineering. You have to watch for calculus, differential equations, thermodynamics, and controls courses.

Glenn’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

If you are trying to get through in 4 years to a BSME, you have to follow the prescribed course list from your school. If you have a coop job after your freshman year, you can alternate a semester of school with a semester of work and it will take 5 years to complete. If you are excited about your course work, I do not consider it as brutal. It is a big commitment, but I think it was worth the effort to work in a career that I enjoy and find challenging.