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how is it staying in a dorm?

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6 answers

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Lindsey’s Answer

Dorm situations can differ greatly depending on the type of college you attend, what your current year of attendance is, as well as your budget. Personally, I have lived in three different dorm set-ups: one with four people and a single bathroom; one with two, single bath; and back to four, with a bathroom and kitchen. Some dormitories only offer one bathroom for a hall of ten to fifteen people. My university offered fairly decent set-ups for the freshman, but it was a fight every semester afterward to get the “good dorms” that had reliable plumbing, up-to-date heating systems, and good dining options. Living with other people might not be ideal, but it drastically reduces how much you have to pay to live there. In the end, I’m glad that I stayed in a dormitory.

Lindsey recommends the following next steps:

Research the dormitory options for your college, especially if there are several options which differ on occupancy/pet regulations/location/transportation options
Look up YouTube videos of students doing dormitory tours. This was invaluable as I received honest opinions from attending students on move-in day at my desired college
If you choose to dorm, try to make friends in advance with the people you are dorming with, unless you are dorming alone

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Jillian’s Answer

I lived in dorms all four years of my College experience, all of which were different living situations. My best experience, however, was living in an all-Engineering student floor my freshman year. Engineering is not an easy experience by any means, so it was extremely helpful to be living with people who were in the same classes and going through the same thing as you. Our floor definitely studied more than some other floors, which was great because there wasn't as much peer pressure. And, I made lasting friendships that are still going strong to this day!

Jillian recommends the following next steps:

Understand the kind of dorming options there are, and check if there are any specialty floors that might be interesting to you

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Karoline!

So you're thinking about staying in a dorm? I stayed in dorms on my college campus all four years and it was awesome! I didn't have to fight for parking, I could sleep in a little later because I was so close to classes, and I could chill back at my place in between classes if I wanted. I've had different friends with all different experiences, some good, some bad. For me, it's all about the tone of how things first start off-- if you go in to your dorm and meet your roommate, try to be open and flexible with them-- chances are, they're staying in the dorm for their first time too and maybe they're nervous! The other advice given was awesome, do your research and apply for what you can if your school lets you pick certain dorms to stay in!

Have fun!

thank you! Karoline V.

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Nika’s Answer

Dorm experiences vary greatly among different schools. That being said, the most important quality of your experience is determined by the other residents in the dorm. They will make or break your experience. For example, if the residents of the dorm are your close friends / people with similar interests, you may have the best experience. However, if the people aren't social / interactive / friendly, your experience might be more sour. My anecdotal experience matches the former. I made numerous friends (who are still my friends to this day) during my time living in the dorms.

Hi Nika: I like your comment because I agree that dorm experience depends on the residents of the dorm and your close friends / people with similar interests; you may have the best experience. Not all roommates are created equal and value the same things that you do (ie, cleanliness, respectful of your things & space, etc.). It's awesome that you are still friends to this day with your roommates. Sheila Jordan

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Joe’s Answer

Living in a dorm is fun. You get to meet knew people, have constant interaction with fellow students and usually you find your best friends in college. I like to call it a fake adulthood because you have more freedom and your parents are not there! It does get loud sometimes, but I encourage you to have an open mind and don't be afraid to express yourself. Have fun!

Great answer, Joe! Chase Cloyd

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Sydney’s Answer

Staying at a dorm really depends on your school. Not all dorms are built the same LOL!
So, I highly suggest that you look into finding a community about your college on Reddit or another source and ask students about their experience.
But, you can also maybe find some sort of virtual tour of the room as well on their websites nowadays.
Personally, dorm-life fluctuated for myself. Sometimes living in a dorm was great but sometimes it wasn't. It also depends on the bond you form with your roommates in the dorm as well.