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Anthony T. Oct 01, 2013 8674 views

How did you become confident in your programming abilities?

I started trying to learn to program, and I want to ask professional programmers how you became confident in your skills. Did it take you a long time? When did you know you were really awesome at programming? #engineering #programming...


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Timothy O. Jun 10, 2016 2297 views

What are the benefits of interning/working for a startup?

I am a high school student and in my current search for internships, everywhere I turn, I see startups. Big companies such as Google and NASA have correspondingly big impact on resumes and portfolios but what do small startups have to offer in terms of extension and development of skill sets,...

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Jaylin G. Aug 20, 2016 1088 views
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Ethan B. Jul 17 73 views

How much coding is used as an Information Systems Major?

I know that developers are being sought after, but I never really got into coding besides basic javascript and html. Is this an area I should be focusing more in? #career #college...


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Aradhana K. Jul 17 77 views