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Anaaa Jun 21, 2020 1732 views

What are some stable art careers? Perhaps rising?

#art #college

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 810 views

How do you know what you want to become in your future?

#college #medical #career

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 925 views

What is the best way to get focused and start studying?

#college #college-advice

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 668 views

What do you think is your greatest strength?

#career #college #general

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 903 views

What three habits will improve your life?

#college #time-management

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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 491 views

How do you deal with conflict with a co-worker?

#coworkers #job

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 2582 views

What if I can't handle college?

#college #college-advice

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jul 17, 2020 723 views

How much coding is used as an Information Systems Major?

I know that developers are being sought after, but I never really got into coding besides basic javascript and html. Is this an area I should be focusing more in?
#career #college #JULY20

Aradhana’s Avatar
Aradhana Jul 17, 2020 466 views

What are some best ways to study during a quarantine?

#college #JULY20 #sophomore

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina Jul 17, 2020 543 views

How do you build your resume during a pandemic?

I’m returning back to school in August, but I’m not sure how to stay involved with my community while also staying safe. As a hypochondriac, I fear contracting the virus, but I feel that it’s important to engage with clubs and activities in college. I want to gain as much experience and...

Nga’s Avatar
Nga Jul 18, 2020 516 views

How can I learn to be empathetic, confident and outgoing in college.

#pre-med #july20 #july #college

Bao-Truc’s Avatar
Bao-Truc Aug 01, 2020 874 views

What are your best study habit tips to give for future college students?

I struggle with staying focused and getting my assignments done for school. Not only that, but I also get easily distracted and end up eating and going on my phone for many hours instead of doing my homework. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me tips on what YOU do to study and on...

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jul 29, 2020 540 views

Should I do 2 years of community college instead of going straight to a 4 year?

I was wondering if it was worth it going straight into a 4 year if I have the ability to go to community college. I don’t have funds for a 4 year university, but I am also afraid I won’t be as competitive wants I apply to medical school one day. I am just not sure what option is better....

Tricia’s Avatar
Tricia Jul 29, 2020 1162 views

What are some study tips to improve your SAT score?

#junior #highschool #JULY20 #college #help

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jul 23, 2020 759 views

How can a person do their best in their school and college life?

#school #medical-school #college