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Mission Viejo, California

Within 40 mile radius
Danny’s Avatar
Danny 2 days ago 61 views

Is coding enjoyable?

I know when it comes to learning it can be tough sometimes but what I want to know is at the end of the day, is coding an enjoyable experience for those that do it for a living?

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Sep 18 52 views

How did you guys start engineering? Were you first maybe using a coding program or possibly using different mechanical things to put together something that works?

I wanna be an engineer especially software, but I am curious on how I can accomplish this at such a young age. Could you guys maybe give me some hints?

Niloofar’s Avatar
Niloofar Sep 16 69 views

What are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit?

Hi all, I'm a second year grad student in mental health counseling, and first year intern. I was wondering what are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit? Do you have any tips that would ease the anxiety of not...

Maraya’s Avatar
Maraya Sep 02 117 views

How can I find the right college for me?

I know for a fact that I want to work with animals. I am in agriculture at my high school and I just love it. I want to go to school after high school but I have no clue where to start looking.

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Aug 27 99 views

What is the average debt for a 4 year medical school student?

I want to see how much money I’ll need to pay back for my medical school scholarship because I have a bad history with debt and I do not wanna go debt again.

laina’s Avatar
laina Aug 26 194 views

What is the first step to starting a small business as a teen?

What is the first step to starting a small business for cosmetic items. This includes lashes, lip gloss, acrylic, and gel nails. I would also like to know if this is also the first step to starting a small baking goods/ treat business. Thank you!

zion’s Avatar
zion Aug 25 79 views

where do i start if i want to be an actress?

I want to be an actress/model, How would you recommend getting into the entertainment with zero experience or very little? Where do i start and what connections should i make??

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 22 180 views

What is my best bet to become an interior decorator?

I want to eventually own a business for residential interior decorating and am wondering which of these two I should do: 1. Major in interior design 2. Major in business and learn interior decorating on the side I would also just like some general tips on how I should go about my career path...

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Aug 21 86 views

What california university are the best to apply if I want to study business?

I am a junior, 11th grader, in Samueli Academy. I am hoping to study in the Business field. I do not want to move out of California since i live here already and would rather stay here.

Jen’s Avatar
Jen Aug 16 146 views

college counselor

I am considering getting a master's to become a college counselor for higher education. I have a bachelors in psychology. I would like to know if there are opportunities to get more experience in that field, whether through volunteering or internships.

Chbxjdhx’s Avatar
Chbxjdhx Aug 15 114 views

How do teachers do it?

Seriously, they have to try and teach a bunch of kids who don’t respect them and probably don’t car about school. I honestly get strict teachers because I have younger siblings and cousins and j in get how annoying they can be.

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 11 75 views

Can you teach me about aerospace?

Can you teach me about aerospace?

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 11 115 views

Easy ways to make money?

What are easy ways to make money as a teenager?

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 11 90 views

I love aerospace engineering ?

What are the different things y’all do in aerospace engineering.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 09 42 views

How to be ready for AP Spanish?

I’m good at Spanish but still nervous about Publix speech

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