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How does corona affect different specialties? Does it have a uniform impact?

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4 answers

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Dan’s Answer

Again, Dr. A is correct.

In my field of psychiatry we are still fairly busy. For examples, due to social isolation those with a previous diagnosis of Major depression have been having exacerbation of their symptoms. Schizophrenics display more erratic behaviors due to negativity associated with watching the news. Drug use is seemingly on the rise as well most likely due to increased unemployment rates.

There has been a good amount of anxiety and conversion disorders as well directly related to COVID19.

Outpatient psychiatry has essentially switched to telehealth -- via phone or video. Mask wear required for inpatient psychiatry as well as consults which gets a bit tricky when a patient exhibits paranoid delusions -- the mask does not help.

Interesting times indeed. Good question tough.

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Estelle’s Answer

Richard and Dan are spot on. The coronavirus has impacted everyone very differently. Many of the specialty surgeons have had sharp declines in their practices because elective surgeries have been halted so that 25% of hospital capacity is reserved for COVID 19 patients. On the other hand, primary care practices are very busy taking care of routine problems yet triaging people that need screening for COVID 19 all the while adhering to the infectious disease prevention protocols. I am a gynecologist, and my clinic has stayed moderately busy taking care of regular visits, med refills, and problems. It's tricky taking care of patients and protecting them from infection risks.

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Richard’s Answer

ER doctors and ICU physicians are definitely on the front lines of fighting the pandemic. These physicians and all the other staff in the ICU and ER put themselves at risk every day.

In my specialty, radiology, there is less patient contact.

We are taking appropriate precautions when we do image guided procedures.

.Everyone wears a mask. If there is a procedure with a possible covid+ patient we also wear N95 under our regular mask.
.All non urgent procedures are postponed.
.Visitors are limited
.Each room with possible covid+ patient is decontaminated appropriately after the procedure.

Financially, each type of physician is also affected differently. Believe it or not, we are less busy in radiology. Potentially COVID positive patients are screened with CT scan and patients in the ICU get daily chest x-rays. However outpatient imaging for things like joint and back pain has decrease dramatically. Even studies for following up cancer treatment/progression are decreasing during the pandemic.

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Rahul’s Answer

Suffice to say that it has struck at the very roots of healthcare and made us realise that none of us are ready for a pandemic of this magnitude. I think that there will be important lessons to learn in the future, when we like back at what happened and where we went wrong.