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How many languages should a computer programmer learn?

Asked Joliet, Illinois

As a future computer programmer and somewhat of a beginner deciding on a language can be difficult as there are so many. I believe learning multiple would be beneficial but which ones? #programming #tech #beginner

3 answers

Hayley’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

It really depends what you want to do...if you want to be a full stack developer, there are several languages you'll want to learn. If you want to be an app developer, there are specific languages you'd focus on. Same goes for data science, software engineering, etc. You can also look at it from front-end vs. back-end perspective. Point being, there are loads of languages and lots of opportunities for you to explore!

To narrow it down, you might want to look at job descriptions for positions that interest you and see what they are asking for proficiency in. You could also talk to recruiters and people currently in roles you admire to ask their advice on what languages are most helpful now (and may be most helpful moving forward).

Kim’s Answer

Updated Cary, North Carolina
Depends on what type of programming you want to do. Basic and visual basic are great languages to learn and get your feet wet with programming. You can also create many min programs with basic knowledge utilizing Microsoft excel. C++ and visual C++ are also great program languages to have under your belt. Assembly language is oldie but goodie. Java (which my least favorite language) it utilize a lot. There are so many out there and depends on what you want to do. Those are good to start with. Good luck.

Richie’s Answer

Updated Matawan, New Jersey
As a professional programmer you will wind up learning at least a dozen or so languages. However, when you are just starting stick to one just to get the fundamentals of programming down. A good language to start with is Python (see this for a nice tutorial: http://openbookproject.net/thinkcs/python/english3e/). Programming is like playing music and programming languages are like different instruments. Music principles and theory do not change as you switch instruments.