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Kevin Sep 05, 2017 1118 views

How can I keep myself from being obsolete?

I am a second year student in college studying computer science looking to go into the field of software development. In the software industry, many people seem to find at least one language or skill which they've mastered completely. But with technology changing and advancing every day, what...

Sammy’s Avatar
Sammy Sep 01, 2017 692 views

What is the most challenging thing about being A computer Science major?

I'm trying to figure out what is the most challenging aspect of computer science. Did it meet your expectations or was the work more difficult than you thought? #technology #computer-science

Sofiane’s Avatar
Sofiane Sep 01, 2017 710 views

How easy is it to land a job after graduating?

More specifically, how quickly will you be able to be hired after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in some sort of engineering from a high tier college, such as Stanford or MIT? #technology #engineering #job-search

Janette ’s Avatar
Janette Sep 01, 2017 801 views

What are some good studying tips and strategies ?

#veterinary #tech #assistant

Onyinye’s Avatar
Onyinye May 24, 2016 775 views

How can someone get C++certified even though he or she is not a computer science major? Will having this advantage help with interview?

I took a c++ programming class and saw the benefits of learning to write codes for certain applications. I have a better understanding of how many technology work and the programs responsible for running them. I wish to apply what I have learned to the forensic field, but I do not wish to go...

Lera’s Avatar
Lera May 04, 2016 1070 views

What are good skills to have (relating to technology) in order to be successful in today's workforce?

I would like to know what will be expected of me, considering that technology is a big part of everyone's lives and jobs. #computer #technology #job-skills

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina May 26, 2016 900 views

When studying abroad in college what should I expect and how should I overcome any problems that I may face?

I have been interested in study abroad when I start college in the fall. #technology #study-abroad

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond May 13, 2016 937 views

How many languages should a computer programmer learn?

As a future computer programmer and somewhat of a beginner deciding on a language can be difficult as there are so many. I believe learning multiple would be beneficial but which ones? #programming #tech #beginner

Noah ’s Avatar
Noah May 26, 2016 1282 views

In the Telecommunications field how important was your portfolio?

Wanting more insight on how important your portfolio is and the content in it.

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah May 24, 2016 886 views

What are the different types of math would I need to get acquainted with if I'm looking to go into Computer Science?

Computer Science is the major that I intend to find a career in. Because I know that there are many different types of math that come into play in the field of Computer Science, I want to know what I should be prepared to study. #college #computer-science #computer-engineering