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What are the different types of math would I need to get acquainted with if I'm looking to go into Computer Science?

Asked Fort Washington, Maryland

Computer Science is the major that I intend to find a career in. Because I know that there are many different types of math that come into play in the field of Computer Science, I want to know what I should be prepared to study. #college #computer-science #computer-engineering

4 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated Cary, North Carolina

My 2nd degree in Computer Science. I was able to skip Calculus requirement as I took AP Calculus in High school. Calculus plays such a big role in so many things. Algebra also very importation. Now school I went to did require Discrete Math, statistics and business math. Depending on the college will depend on the math you will have to take. When you are looking at colleges ask them for course catalog as well as their computer science requirement course list. The more AP classes you can take and pass the test just removes that requirement from your required course load. You can never go wrong in taking math classes all types as will benefit you in life. Good luck.

Eric’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

For my computer science degree:

We were generally assumed to just know algebra, and this came up in particular in analyzing how long algorithms will take to complete, but really could appear anywhere.

Everyone took Discrete Math, which lead into a lot of other useful areas like logic, graph theory, and set theory.

For certain areas, such as graphics, Linear Algebra (the study of vectors and matrices) became fairly important.

Those are the main ones that occur to me, but math can lurk in a lot of unexpected areas. Hope this helps!

Karen’s Answer

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey

Hi Isaiah,

I agree with the other 2 comments. For my Computer Science degree it was Calculus I, II and III. Discrete Math, Linear Algebra and Statistics were also courses that were needed. Have you taken Pre-Calculus yet? Best of Luck!

Mark’s Answer

Updated Pflugerville, Texas

It will really depend on the program and school you enter. I have a bachelors in computer science (1986) and because my degree program was in the math department I needed quite a bit of math - calculus, advanced statistics, etc. Some computer science degrees are in other schools within a college. I would say the minimum will be algebra with some calculus. Someone else may be able to answer with more current requirements.

Best Wishes!