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Sarah M. Apr 26, 2016 20308 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I've always wanted to be a leader. I want to manage a large team of people in my career. I think I have what it takes to inspire a team to work hard but i'm also nervous about having this kind of responsibility. What would you say is the hardest thing about managing people and...

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Justin B. May 22, 2016 698 views

Is experience more valuable than a degree when seeking a job?

I have heard people say that their degree does them little good because the employer doesn't want to hire people with no experience. On the other side, some have told me that the "piece of paper" will help you out immensely. I am wanting to know the balance between these. #travel...


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David L. May 23, 2016 594 views

Among the various hard and soft skills, including leadership, what are some other expertise recruiters are looking for, regardless of which industry to work for?

Again, my name is David, a currently rising sophomore in college, who is majoring in Information Technology. Although my primary focus is on web development, I'm also curious to know what it's like to work in an environment other than that of my school, and at home. This is important to me...

#corporate-finance #career #women-in-finance #career-counseling

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Julia A. May 24, 2016 941 views

What are the qualities that one needs to change the world?

Is the best strategy to bombard them with kindness? Or is it more of an "ends justify the means" situation? What can I do to encourage people and help them believe that they, too, are capable of change? #psychology #education #management #leadership #social #women...


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Jaclyn F. May 24, 2016 438 views

What year of college is it when I should apply for any internships or coops and how do I go about getting in touch with companies that offer these types of programs?

I'm an Engineering major and want to get into Engineering Management. Not sure when to start looking into these programs #college #professor...


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Angie V. May 24, 2016 443 views

Do they have good jobs ?

I don't know anything about the tech field besides electricity...


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Raeanna H. May 24, 2016 518 views

how do you know where to start?

I want to begin on the right path to my career I just don't know where to start. #general...


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Emilie S. May 24, 2016 750 views

What are the most important traits that employers should have to keep employees?

After I graduate from college I plan to start a business. Having reliable employees is key to having a successful business and I want to know how be a good boss. #entrepreneurship #business-management...


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David L. May 24, 2016 1582 views

What are some major difficulties if one were to work for IT Audit, and Accounting? Also, what are some programming languages that suit IT Audit?

My name is David, a rising, college sophomore, who is majoring in Information Technology. As of now, my primary focus is web development, but I'm also interested in exploring my other career options that fall under the IT industry, such as IT Audit. #accounting #information-technology...

#risk-analysis #it-audit #it-management #it-sales #accountant

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Jade W. May 24, 2016 403 views

Why is college free in some European countries but not the United States?

A lot of my friends can't afford to go to college and I wasn't able to until a few weeks ago....


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Javonte S. May 24, 2016 777 views
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Javonte S. May 24, 2016 508 views

Do you have to go to school to code?

My brother told me they taught him how to code in college. Do we have to go to college to learn how to code?...


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Isaiah L. May 24, 2016 638 views

What are the different types of math would I need to get acquainted with if I'm looking to go into Computer Science?

Computer Science is the major that I intend to find a career in. Because I know that there are many different types of math that come into play in the field of Computer Science, I want to know what I should be prepared to study. #college #computer-science...


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Onias S. May 24, 2016 1651 views
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Juan R. May 24, 2016 924 views

can boys be a nurse?

I think i like to go nursing school but friends say its for girls...