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Why is college free in some European countries but not the United States?

A lot of my friends can't afford to go to college and I wasn't able to until a few weeks ago. #tuition

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2 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Jade,

Many of the countries where college tuition is free have tax structures where the people pay a lot more money to allow for that privilege. Some countries consider services like health care and education as matters for a national government to handle. The US has opted to not go that route. I cannot judge which system is right. Your challenge now is determine how you can best fit into the system in the US. I know that for some young people, there is the option to earn college credit in high school. It is not every school, but I have a friend whose daughter transferred to a high school where she could earn college credit. She left high school and entered college as a sophomore because of the credits she earned. Another way to get help with college is by working at a job that offers to tuition reimbursement. This may mean that you have to wait a few years to get your college degree. Please know that you do not need a college degree right away. Yes, a college degree is a competitive advantage, but you can take one class at a time which can be cheaper as you begin to work.


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Mark’s Answer

Hi Jade!

I really don't have a good answer for this. The United States does not currently have free tuition, although some colleges may offer special scholarships. I agree with you that this a great question. I think that education is really important and should be available for all.

Best Wishes!